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Her city of roses [Thursday, October 29th ; 2:26pm]
[ mood | awake ]

California to Oregon.

1263 miles in total, major roadtrip.
I was kinda losing it and felt so home-sick due to the siberian condition. I was throwing a fit towards Charms almost everyday in that first week but the hospitality in Barak's was always heartwarming and the frequent trips to downtown for excellent gourmet never fails to made me smile so wide again. Got to know alot of people in that huge household. Especially the hippies who came all over from different states and down to Oregon to meditate. Kinda birzarre but their psychedelic bus that they lived in for months was totally rockin..
Two weeks in Portland was just enough for me and i can't wait to get back to San Francisco.

Porthead Town wasn't right for me and i would probably die of lung cancer sooner..

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Pikachu on the unexpected undertaking.. [Thursday, October 8th ; 3:55pm]
[ mood | drunk ]


Arrived in Manila at odds and the rural tranquility of that country in particular is just.. well, I'm taken aback.
The airport staffs hired a personal driver to take me for a spin. I was very excited about my little adventure there but once we drove out of the airport, the traffic is simply hideous. Coming from a more or less well-organized traffic system in Spore, Manila traffic just doesn't make sense. The roads were unsafe and that the individual thinking behind each steering wheel of each motor could easily create an accident within four minutes from the view i had (the on-the-road struggles from the backseat of my car ride).

Wasted a lot of time before i reached to the largest mall I've ever encountered, Mall of Asia. it took me ages just by strolling from one building to another. And due to the fact that it was some kind of national holiday for the pinos, everywhere seems like a mosh pit till i spotted on a Spa Parlor and immediately went right in. Had an amazing Swedish massage and body scrub for an perfect hour. Walked to another building and got my hair washed by a lovely tranny named, Tina. She was great and hilarious. Loved the way she strut herself to grab the dryer from the end and walked right back at me in style. When i walked out of the Salon, the sky seems dark and I've wasted my entire trip fooling around in the mall instead of visiting the Intramuros or the Cathedrals. Before i knew i had an hour before my next flight to SFO, i was already on way to the airport.

Had a torturous 23hours flight with a fat man who literally took up his limited space and a quarter of my seat. Poor me, i had to lean to the side of the window plane preventing him from leaning against my shoulder. Did i mentioned the way he snored and the buzzing baby two seats behind, i had to take a pill to snooze right through the entire flight.

San Francisco, Home Sweet Home.
Charming picked me up from the airport and i'm glad to be in the warm apartment seeing Ann and Shay, the newly-weds. We popped Champagne and had an delightful barbecue in the balcony. Then of course i had amazing sex over and over again not having to see Charms for the whole of two months. Me, likey.

Oh, by the way, i'm back on Livejournal. Xanga's throwing a fussy tantrum and i do miss posting pictures on this baby.
More memories to come..
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her locomote [Tuesday, May 12th ; 11:39am]
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her viva la fiesta [Wednesday, October 29th ; 7:10am]
[ mood | cynical ]

Type 600 with the girls.



thinking about it, how many polaroid films have i collected so far...hmmmm

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"Great," She says, thinking anything but. [Tuesday, September 23rd ; 1:00am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

(finally got it developed.)

"Do you want me to take you home?"
"Oh, yes please."
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her twelve-step program to sobriety [Monday, September 8th ; 4:30am]
[ mood | chipper ]

If you didn't notice, Nicole's always in the backgound.

We all have to admit ourselves to AA immediately.

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her far along in life [Tuesday, August 12th ; 8:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]


Rebekah's getting older by the minute. i love her mini hamburger face. To add on, my eyebag's getting unfavorable by the day end of work. No matter how phony our synthetic beach can be, i just need a good ecru tan on a beaming day.
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her Brazilian wax [Monday, July 28th ; 4:10am]
[ mood | bitchy ]


All i could say is that havoc Brazilians goes insane without antifreeze, knockout chicks and jam loud music. Not forgetting the Chinese seen in Bollywood Dhoom are the next state of the art in Bombay club history.

The wee morning ended with a good laugh.
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her Grande To-Go [Tuesday, July 22nd ; 7:00am]
[ mood | loved ]

June's Pictures in my old Casio Exilim
(A Grande Goodbye Gathering)

It's been a whole month since Matty.G returned to the States. I do miss his morning triple-killer pancakes. Sigh, i'm dreading this 24th when Patner leaves to New York for good. It seems as though we were putting away the world's problem for a day when i finally got a chance to catch up with him right after his short trip back from Aussie. Together in silence Patner and i retraced a little memoir that begun four months back. Only this time we held our hands even tighter, and i kept him closely to my side. At the end of it, we stopped to hug passionately with a farewell kiss. My only ambition was to spend the remainder of our hours together.. happily ever after. Today, i was indeed contented.

but why do people i loved always leave..
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her loath in the king of green [Monday, June 9th ; 6:00am]
[ mood | crushed ]

(wide-angle adds-on)

Rebekah's the new addition, precious little niece.
The month of June has yet to cover everything you might want to know about my messy, angst-ridden business of growing up today.
rough month, i reckon.
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her duo duet [Tuesday, May 27th ; 9:00am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Lyn messaged me on friendster and asked if i knew this girl in person.

i guess i do have a twin sister.
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her tanned sheath [Sunday, May 18th ; 10:30am]
[ mood | peaceful ]


That sums up my trip to beautiful Bali.
it was a good get-away for both michelle and i.
It did us justice and i'm def considering to head back in August for the awesome waves.
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her green trunk [Saturday, May 10th ; 7:00am]
[ mood | distressed ]


I've worked my ass off till this very day.
Nine more hours till i board on the plane and leave boring shithole Spore to enjoy my vacation with darling Mich.
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her asian syndrome [Wednesday, April 23rd ; 3:25am]
[ mood | blah ]

yes, That's our PIMP.


Isn't that man in black the most irresistble chinese guy you could ever fantasized on?
my friends are gaga over dudes with Asian(SAY TAIWAN/HONGKONG) descent while i'm trying not to revive about my painful hairchops.
i seriously wonder how hot that Daniel Wu look-alike could be that somehow made my friends melt like roasted marshmallows.

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her unsatisfactorily, guaranteed [Wednesday, April 23rd ; 2:00am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

The photoshop lady fucked up my negatives.

Donna's the prettiest Mongolian i've ever known.
Ted.Keeps, "i'll miss you and your smart brain."
F.M.I: i regret chopping off my hair. fuck.
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her redemption [Tuesday, April 8th ; 4:30am]

Two of my favourite boys are back in town.

i spent the whole sat afternoon figuring out how to operate the laundry machine with Patner. 
i waited two hours extra on sat evening. Right after Cornelia texted me and ditched me in dempsey.
i woke up on sunday morning with the smell of fresh clean sheets and devito right beside me sleeping like an infant.

it's milking time.

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her post secret [Friday, April 4th ; 3:31am]
Friendship 101
never date your bestfriend's ex-flame.

love is friendship on fire.
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her the'ol no response technique [Friday, April 4th ; 3:30am]

Patner once said to me "you gotta keep a journal for the bar/boss shenanigans and start a tv soap opera. It'll be a smashing success."
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her worship at the temple of carousal [Monday, March 31st ; 5:30am]
[ mood | cranky ]

hey, it's the last Sunday of March.

To all the people whose time and patience i called upon during the hours and days i spent with them in wine bars, restaurants, private apartments and the insane sweatt confines of the dancefloor.

i'm awfully jaded.
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her stage of Siege [Thursday, January 10th ; 3:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

 The New Apartment.
I immediately fell in love with the place when i first stepped in.
Not forgetting the Austin Power funky round bed and Manhattan's style walk-in closet. 
Kudos to Denise/Benji.

Back to my second house, Dempsey. 7days a week.
 i love the atmosphere, i love the place, the people.

Invited at British's Lamb's Apartment.
The view from his living room amazes me. I'd have smoke a couple and continued to stare at the view but Lamb doesn't smoke. We had a bottle of wine while listening to house music. perfect combo.

Sinful Ben&Jerry's. 
Stayed-over at dempsey due to sound-proofing of the bar. 
Beers and Dvd's all the way to the morning. Perfect bliss.

I'm still figuring out what to do with this room.
call 1800-Amah.
Laundry services.
Paint Job.

what can i say, it's been ten fucking days since the big 0hhh Eight' cycled it's way through. 
The last time i could remember about New Year was work, alcohol/party poppers with my intoxicated bestest mates and sex with a New Yorker. 

i was awake. I was making wise-cracks to myself in the bathroom, pulling faces. This is when i knew it's already 2008. 

I fold my arms across my chest and stared in-front of the mirror, needing a smoke break. It's weird how my mind goes blank. So i stared hard, i'm not really thinking so much as feeling guilty about my past history. I guess, like i've been caught. The thing is, i know i let myself feel loose and comfortable in my own skin with tobacco, alcohol, sex and parties, imagine a wild gymnast. And what other people consider Way Too Much. But it's so much a part of me already, its like saying my arms are too long. Like i can change that? The other thing that is starting to annoy me as i stared at the wall was that everybody once partied hard and most people are not like The Brady Bunch. Most people want to have more fun.

 They're probably right. Am i worse than i think? I get so angry all of the sudden. Like i'm a kid and being forced to stop playing and go to bed. I hated that feeling that i was missing everything. That's why i've temporarily decided to get stuck here so i wouldn't miss anything. 

What i really like to do now is get drunk at home so i don't feel nervous and inhabited. Then go out to some dive bar. You'll never know who you'll meet or where you'll end up. It's like this fucking incredible vortex of possibility. Anything can happen at a bar. Unlike some people. I like options. I like to not really know what's going to happen next. Alright, i just kidding. 

I begin to feel somewhat elated. The bright side of the situation steps forward in my mind. I managed to escape from that awful mind-intervention unscathed. I have over months to take on with my own life. I guess, Resolution can be very dull.


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